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How ConnectWithMe Works:

Two easy integration methods!
Have a webpage? Use our button.

The ConnectWithMe widget instantly connects you with customers who need info you can provide.

No webpage? No problem!

Our system will create a customizable website that displays your ConnectWithMe button. Just answer a few simple questions and immediately create your own online presence and web address that you can share with your customers, clients, or on your business cards.

Have just a minute? Watch this video:
Two ways to use it: As a Monetization Tool or as a Support Gateway
Paid Connections
  • Earn money providing advice or selling your services
  • You set your rates for phone calls and messages
  • {{'title')}} handles all of the billing, and you earn up to 65%
  • Your customers can use a pre-funded wallet, pay by credit card, or a combination of both.

See for yourself, Try it right now:

Live Customer Support Tool
  • You select how many interactions you need each month
  • Offer free support to your website traffic via phone, text, mail, live chat and/or Skype
  • Great for information based or eCommerce sites.
  • Offer more than just live chat to meet the needs of all of your customers.

See for yourself, Try it right now:

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How do each of the different communication services work?
Phone Calls
Connect over the phone ...Your customer selects phone communication from your personalized button. We bill the customer directly and place a call to both you and the customer using our caller ID, protecting your privacy. Rates can be set by the minute, or for a block of time. Why use phone calls?
Why use phone calls?Phone calls can help you connect immediately with your customer. Some customers may require a more personalized connection and need longer in depth conversations. Connect over the phone ...
Text Messages
Connect through texting... We provide a masked text messaging phone number to both you and your customer to communicate through your SMS software on your cell phone. You can reply to the text message directly through your phone. Why use text messages?
Why use text messages?Text messaging is best for short questions and quick chat between you and your customers. Text messages are great if your customer is unable to speak on the phone, but would like to have a discussion with you quickly. Connect through texting ...
Web Chat
Connect using web chat ...A chat box will appear in a pop up on their screen, all they have to do is click on it. You will then receive a popup on your screen indicating that a customer would like to speak with you. You have up to 30 seconds to accept the conversation. Why use web chat?
Why use web chat?Web Chat is best for light conversations back and forth while you and your customer are both at a computer. On the paid communication plans, web chat messages are set at .25 for each message a customer sends to you. For the free communication plans, each message a customer send to you is one interaction. Connect through web chat ...
Email Messages
Connect through emails ...A screen with a text field will open on the customers' computer where they can type and send their question directly to you. The first email message that a customer sends to you is free, any additional message the customer sends is .25 each. Why use email messages?
Why use email messages?Email communication is great for when your customer has one question and doesn't need a response immediately. Your email availability is always on, so your customers can reach you 24/7. Connect through emails ...
Skype Calls
Connect through Skype ...The customer will see your per minute Skype rate and add money to their wallet to begin the Skype call with you. You will download and install our third party plugin into your PC while running Skype and save your Skype handle in your account settings. Why use Skype?
Why use Skype?Skype is great to offer your customers an in person experience while not being in the same location. It allows the customer to see you and speak to you and you can make sure that the customer really understand the information you are providing. Connect through Skype ...
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  • Redeem an Offer

    Enter the code exactly as it appears on the advertisement. If you are redeeming a Talk Card scratch off to reveal the code on the back of your card.

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Give Credits

Enter the amount of credit below that you want to offer to use to call you. This credit will expire in days. You will not receive earnings for the credit used by the Caller.

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You are about to send a private message to . You can send a text only introductory message for free. Additional text-only messages are , and messages with attachments start at .


You are about to have a one-on-one private phone call with for . Press the continue button below when you are ready to have the system connect you. If you prefer, you can also dial into the system directly and pay using your credit card without creating an account. If you are not 100% satisfied with your call experience please let us know.


If you prefer to dial in call:


When prompted for a profile number enter:


You are about to have a private one-on-one text messaging session with . Prices start from only . A smart phone with texting is required to use this service. Press the continue button below when you are ready.


You are about to start a one-on-one chat session with for . When you are ready to get started click the continue button below.


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The last thing you need to do is setup your wallet on our site. Your wallet funds can be used for any service, with any talker on our site. If this is your first time you can claim $20 free with no purchase necessary just by adding a valid credit card. To connect with you will need to add money to your account.To connect with you will need to add money to your account, or add a credit card to pay for the call as you go.

Your wallet balance is low.

Your wallet balance only has z. We recommend adding more funds to your wallet before you continue. If your balance runs out you will be disconnected.

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